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Adjustable aluminum phone/tablet holder

Adjustable aluminum phone/tablet holder

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If you are looking for a high-quality mobile holder for your phone, then the Aluminum Table Mobile Holder is just what you need.

This table mobile stand is made of high quality aluminum alloy and features exquisite design that makes it aesthetic and skin-friendly. In addition, its modern design makes it perfect for refreshing your workspaces and integrating them into a modern environment.

This mobile holder is stable and adjustable, allowing you to securely hold phones up to 500g. The height and base are adjustable, making it convenient to adjust different reading angles. In addition, it allows you to charge the phone in a vertical position.

For greater safety, the Aluminum Table Mobile Support has very effective anti-slip systems. The two legs and the body are lined with a flexible silicone that prevents scratches on the phone, and the base has non-slip rubber pads that prevent the stand from slipping.

In short, if you are looking for a stable, adjustable mobile table support with effective anti-slip systems, the Aluminum Mobile Table Support is an excellent option. Make your purchase now and enjoy the convenience and security of having your phone always at hand!

Foldable Holder, Easy to Carry: This mobile phone holder is completely foldable, once folded it does not take up space, it can be easily carried in the bag when you go on weekends or when traveling. You can put it in a backpack or a gym bag, it is like a friend that can accompany you every day.
Wide Compatibility: The foldable table mobile holder supports mobile phones up to 7.2 inches stably.

High quality aluminum alloy

Made of premium aluminum alloy, the UGREEN cell phone holder has a sturdy and metal base, keeping your smartphone stable without tipping over.

More height options

With a telescopic pole, it can be easily extended 1.66 inches in height.

Multi-angle adjustment

The dual-axis design gives you the freedom to set a preferred angle.

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